Horse Uses


If you love horses and own one, you would have come across Iceman - the original tried and tested blue topical cooling gel.


The combination of Arnica and Echinacea, herbs known for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties, provide instant relief. The late Bill Quinn formulated Iceman for use on his race horses. Horse muscles and tendons have to be cooled down before and after exercise to prevent and heal damage after a strenuous work out.



The benefits of using Iceman for horses include:


• Immediate and effective cooling

• Non-irritating

• Unique herbal extracts provide instant relief

• Competitive prices

• Little visible residue on the skin

• Contains no prohibited substances

• Easy to apply


Prevent muscular injuries in horses

GET HIM FIT. A horse who’s not in shape for the work he’s asked to do is at greater risk of injury. Build up his condition slowly by doing the type of work on the type of surface he’ll face in competition.


DON’T OVER TRAIN. An exhausting schooling session the day before a big competition is as likely to tire your horse as it is to tune him up. The next day, his fatigue can set him up for a misstep and injury.


SCHEDULE R&R. If you show your horse week after week and train between shows, physical and mental stress build. Do fewer shows, so he can recover in between, and do fewer classes, so he’s less tired.


KEEP SESSIONS SHORT. Repetitive circling stresses joints and tires muscles and tendons.


KEEP UP WITH SHOEING. Overgrown feet and loose shoes affect hoof balance and make injuries more likely.


AVOID BAD FOOTING. Ground that’s hard, deep, slick or uneven increases the chance of missteps.


KNOW YOUR HORSE. If you do, you can avoid pushing him past his limits, and you’ll pick up on subtle changes in his attitude or way of going that could signal the start of a problem.



Just like a human athlete, if your horse does sustain an injury many of the same principles apply



COOL DOWN. Depending on the specific injury, your vet may prescribe Iceman cold therapy, to reduce inflammation.


Stall rest to give the ligament time to heal.


HAND-WALKING, TO ENCOURAGE HEALING. Follow your vet’s advice, starting with as little as 10 minutes a day and gradually increasing the time.


GRADUAL RETURN TO EXERCISE. With your vet, set up a program that eases your horse back into work.












“Absolutely wonderful product. I’m a constant worrier when it comes to my horses and

ponies but with Iceman, I sleep well at night!”


Darren Baker., Cape Town



Despite the relief provided by Iceman, it must be noted that consulting a physician is highly essential. The information provided is purely informative.

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