Joint Pain

Menthol in Iceman, is an organic compound derived from peppermint oil. It is easily absorbed by the skin and is highly effective for temporary relief from joint aches and pains.


The active ingredient menthol found in Iceman relieves minor aches and pains of joints and muscles. It can be applied 3 to 4 times a day for instant relief. It allows topical preparations to permeate through the surface of the skin by replacing the pain message with a cooling sensation. It also causes the dilation of the blood vessels that carry blood to the joints, thereby increasing blood flow and reducing swelling.



Joints provide support and are the connections between bones. Damaged caused to joints through injury or disease can cause restriction of movement, pain and general discomfort.


Conditions Leading to Joint Pain

There are a number of causes that can cause joint pain. Injury, underlying conditions, diseases and wear and tear are just some of them. Some specific conditions that lead to joint pain include:


• Osteoporosis

• Rheumatoid arthritis

• Gout

• Strains

• Sprains


• Bursitis

• Cancer

• Lyme disease

• Lupus

• Leukaemia


Treating Joint Pain

The main methods to treat joint pains can be categorised into: topical agents, injections, physical therapy, home care and alternative treatments.



Steroid injections, coupled with a local anaesthetic, administered by a doctor can help those suffering from intense joint pain. These must be injected every three to four months for permanent relief. This type of treatment is helpful for patients suffering from joint disease, arthritis or tendinitis. The injection can be also used to:


• Remove fluid from the joint

• Injecting hyaluronic acid, which is a synthetic joint fluid



Physical Therapy

Patients can seek help from physical therapists to strengthen joints and muscles and improve movement of affected areas. Techniques used under this type of treatment include: heat or cold therapy, ultrasound, manipulation and electric nerve stimulation. Obesity is a huge factor in joint pain. Losing weight and relieving the pressure off the joints can be extremely effective. Swimming, bicycling and other low-impact exercises can be highly useful for the treatment of joint pain too.



Home Care

A few simple home remedies and techniques can help relieve joint pain. A popular method, widely used across the world is PRICE:


• Protecting the joint with a brace

• Resting the joint

• Icing the joint for 15 minute intervals

• Compressing the joint

• Elevating the joint



Alternative Treatments

According to reports, chondroitin and glucosamine supplements can be effective for relieving joint pain. These substances form the component of normal cartilage, proving cushioning for the bones and joints. These are available in tablets, powders, liquids or capsules. However, it is must noted, that these must not be administered without the advice of a health care professional.

When to Consult a Doctor

Most people suffering from joint pain ignore the condition and use home remedies. However, there are certain conditions when one must consult a doctor immediately. These include:


• If there is a fever, which is not associated with the flu

• If there is unintended and quick weight loss

• If the pain lasts for more than three days

• If there is severe pain and swelling

“Being a sports-addict, I am constantly riddled with joint pains in my knees and wrists. But with Iceman, I am always good to go! Thank you so much.”


Victor R., Durban

Despite the relief provided by Iceman, it must be noted that consulting a physician is highly essential. The information provided is purely informative.

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