“My whole household uses Iceman for relief from sports injuries.”

Fanie de Villiers







“I had this burning sensation on my left shoulder blade, but after using my moms brilliant remedy Iceman, my pain is gone. Thanks to Iceman!!!”







I get very bad headaches, which start in the neck. I tried putting Iceman on my neck and to my amazement, most of the time it relieved my headaches without taking pain pills. I always have some on hand and keep it in the fridge.“After suffering for three weeks with sciatica and taking really heavy pain medication, I discovered this menthol gel and since using it I have been able to stop the pain medication and only use the gel. Thank you for a wonderful product.”







“The day after a late night gig, my legs are really stiff and Iceman gives me immense relief from my uncomfortable muscles.”

Paul Zeeman







I use Iceman for my winter hands, which were extremely painful in the cold weather. That is,

until I discovered Iceman.”

Mrs du Plooy, Bloemfontein







“I use Iceman for chronic neck and lower back problems, torn hamstring and tendon, mild burns, and with a slight dab on my temples for headaches. I also use it on my pets when they sprain limbs. Thank you for such an awesome product,”

Michelle Hutson of Port Shepstone







“Brilliant product and service! My horse was in constant pain due to a riding accident a few years back. My aunty recommended Iceman and I have never looked back since then. My horse is so much happier and at ease. Thank you, Iceman!”

Sarah W., Johannesburg







“Absolutely wonderful product. I’m a constant worrier when it comes to my horses and ponies but with Iceman, I sleep well at night!”

Darren Baker, Cape Town







“I have my horse back! Thank you, Iceman, for providing my horse with such relief every day. I don’t know what I would have

done without you.”

Jake K., Johannesburg



Despite the relief provided by Iceman, it must be noted that consulting a physician is highly essential. The information provided is purely informative.

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